Get access to your Odoo messages, create your to-do list, reply, archives, send new messages.

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Address book

All your partners data in your pocket. Email or call customers in one step, navigate to them through your GPS.

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Stock Management

See all your articles, scan a bar code  from your camera, make inventory, picking, transfer or stock moves.

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Manage your leads and opportunities. Always get the latest infos while meeting your prospect/customer.

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Write a note from your phone or tablet and get it back once at the office. You can also dictate it and MyOdoo will convert it to text.

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Create or modify a quotation and confirm a sale order directly from your customer premises.

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Create your own customized reports in Odoo, get them back in beautiful and dynamic dashboards in MyOdoo.

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Sign in and out on a project, or any analytic account. A great and easy way to track your work and invoice your customers accordingly.

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Encode your expenses while you are travelling at the airport, you will be able to encode your expenses.

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Keep an eyes on your invoices and track the payment of your customer.  Take control of your finances. 

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Track your tasks and report activities, status and time spent. A useful tool to get things done, and done on time.

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When no connection is available, data are cached and synchronized. For example, your address book and agenda are both synchronized with your device.


With MyOdoo you can use several Odoo accounts. You can also specify which features and menus needs to be displayed or hidden.

Much more to come

This is just a start; the world is becoming mobile, and MyOdoo will follow the trend by adding more and more features in a near future.

Want more features ?

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