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BHC is proud to announce the launch of a new product wich allows to manage your business clubs with a back-office tool and a mobile application to connect!

Aware that the managing of a business club is not easy to manage, we made a product to avoid excel listings and other paper documents. Odoo Networker will not only allow the administrators to manage their business club but also to the members to have a linking tool to better networker.

Comment cela fonctionne?

A business club is made up of members and adherents, who pay a subscription and take part in paid, free events,... Odoo Networker includes a complete suite meeting the expectations of a club, namely:

  •  Contacts managing - the database could be split into different categories (business sectors of the company), different levels (members, non-members) and allow multi-contact management by company.

  • Members managing - once a member, the contact will be treated with the most complete way with the date of adhesion, the level of adhesion, the state of the invoicing,....

  • Mass mailing - via a mass mailing tool, integrated into the Odoo Networker suite, the club can manage its communications to its members. Club administrators will be able to invite their members to events, communicate the important information, etc...

  • Events managing - Each event could be organized from the tool, the publication could be done on the website, on the mobile application and each member could also register via the different channels (web, mobile app,...). The day of the event, you will be able to draw the attendance list of your members.

  • Billing and Accounting - From Odoo Networker, you'll be able to manage your members' membership bills, event participations and all other accounting aspects.

  • Statistiques et reportings - vous pourrez également réaliser des statistiques sur les différents événements, voir qui a participé? Quel événement à le mieux fonctionné? ....

Pour vos membres, un outil facilitant le networking !

By offering Odoo Networker to your members, you are allowing them to have a tool to increase synergies and collaborations between them. Indeed, the members will have:

  • Accès plateforme - de leur propre accès à une plateforme leur permettant de gérer leur fiche, leurs factures, leurs paiements et leurs inscriptions aux événements..

  • Mobile application - From the mobile app, members will be able to view the list of members, filter through different search criteria, connect with other members, and sign up for events.

  • Odoo Networker - On the day of the event, your members will be able to access to the list of the participants and get in touch directly with the members present. They will be able to organize a meeting (speed meeting) for a better networker.


In order to answer and to understand the needs of a business club, we have worked and put together the product with the business club Synergie, based in Mons with 240 membersOdoo Networker is currently in production at the club and members and administrators are more than satisfied. Odoo Networker can also be used on trade shows and other fairs le salon de l'Education in Charleroi also has the tool for the managing of the exhibitors.


We offer an annual subscription for your business club with pricing quite affordable. Interested or want to test Odoo Networker? Contact our sales department at +32 (0) or by mail at

Nos Références

De nombreux business club utilisent MyOdoo Networker

MyOdoo Networker m'a permis de faciliter mes contacts lors des événements et donc faire de nouveaux prospects.

Sébastien Dieu, Sales Manager

IL'outil nous aide quotidiennement dans la gestion de notre business club. C'est un gain de temps énorme.

Aurélie Lesoile, Project Manager