How to follow your interventions?

Allow your employees to manage their interventions.

Sébastien Dieu

How to guarantee the follow-up of your interventions?

Many of the services often take place outside the company’s premises. Indeed, let's take examples like a plumber, a construction worker, a housekeeper, a security guard... they will directly carry out their interventions on site. In this case, it is imperative to follow the service, the equipment used or the time spent working.

In many companies, the staff fills out a sheet of paper or an Excel file that must be encoded, sometimes even re-encoded and/ or processed in order to bill the customer.

In the concrete case of our customer based in Portugal, it was important to equip his technicians in order to follow their services on site (installation of camera), to directly impact the stocks and to validate the service by a supporting document.

Problem encountered

Our client covers the Portuguese market with the security and installation of video surveillance system with more than 500 agents/ technicians on the road. The points of improvement were quite numerous, namely:

  • Data processing: each paper intervention sheet had to be encoded internally, which represented +/- 2,000 records per day. In addition to the processing, the encoding delay also affected the business on a daily basis.

  • Weak customer follow-up: if we take the time between the performance of the service and the encoding, several days or weeks elapse before we could carry out the customer follow-up. Also, some clients give their feedback without the service being encoded.

  • Lack of proof: a technician couldn’t justify his services by proving the correct installation of the tool. Via the mobile application and to mitigate this lack, we added the possibility to take a picture.

  • Offline functionality: because of the nature of the company's activity (closed building, security, etc…), the technicians don’t always have access to an Internet connection.

  • Impact on the inventory: stock tracking was quite complicated as it wasn’t possible to know in real time about the stock available in a pickup truck.

Solutions implemented

The client already had the Odoo software that he had integrated with a local partner in Portugal. We have therefore worked with the partner on site to develop the mobile part. We  also based our work on the MyOdoo application to realize a customized development for this client.

Intervention management

Each agent receives his schedule with the interventions to be carried out directly on his smartphone, the expected time and the equipment that need to be installed. Also, directly from the MyOdoo application, the technician can take a photo, encode the time spent and the material used.


Optimization of work time

Each operator can directly introduce the time spent per intervention, which allows our client to compare the time originally planned with the service performed. This time tracking makes possible to evaluate the average time spent per intervention, per product to be installed, etc. The customer has also been able to adapt the commercial proposals sent to the customer and so for a better position of themselves to the competition.

Stock management

The technician knows the hardware that need to be installed directly and can also scan the device he is using. In this way, stocks are automatically updated and traceability is ensured.


Client’s satisfaction

Since interventions are no longer encoded on paper but directly by agents in the system, internal teams can devote encoding time to customer follow-up. Our customer has directly observed a greater customer satisfaction and an improvement of the proposed service.


By equiping his teams on the road, our customer has on one hand reduced the administrative work time and on the other hand increased his customer’s satisfaction.

The return on investment is important for the customer since the integration of the data in one and only software, Odoo, has allowed to increasing the number of tasks performed by the technicians.